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Statement of Purpose

To provide a collaborative space in which the overall community of podfic readers can come together to create multi-voiced podfic. The goal is to promote dramatic readings, shared readings of multi-chapter works, and anthologies of shorter works.

Guidelines for...

Submitting Project Ideas:

We all have stories that are our favorites, that we would love to see transformed into a beautiful podfic! That being said, we would like to keep the number of active projects at a reasonable level for the amount of active podficers within the community.

*** Please only submit project ideas for works which you have permission for! ***

To submit a project idea we ask that you do the following:
  1. Create a new post titled using the following format: Project Idea: [Title of Work], Fandom: [Fandom]
  2. In the body of your post include:
    1. Some of the very basics:
      1. The title of the work linked back to the original text
      2. The author of the work linked back to the author's profile
      3. The fandom the work belongs to
      4. The rating
      5. The word count
      6. Warnings
      7. Summary of the work
    2. The important:
      1. How do you want the project to be performed? Will it be a dramatic reading with each voice taking a separate character? Or is it a long work in which each reader will volunteer to take a certain number of chapters?
      2. How involved you will be in the project. Are you looking to lead the project and see it to completion? Are you looking to be a voice for the podfic, but would be more comfortable finding someone more experienced to help with directing the project?
      3. Who will edit? Are you willing to edit the various recorded pieces together, or do you need someone else to help with it?
      4. How many voices does the project need? Do you have the parts already all lined out, or do you still need to go through and count out how many different characters the story holds. If you are splitting up chapters, how many different readers are you willing to take on.
    3. Please include any other information you think will be pertinent.
  3. Tag the work with !ProjectIdeas and the Fandom:fandom
For an example of a post and for a template code click [here].

The project idea will be re-titled and re-tagged by a moderator once sufficient interest has been shown in the work by other podfic readers (generally by readers requesting to take part in creating the podfic work).

Open Projects:

Once a project has been deemed as a viable project with enough individuals interested in it, it is renamed to 'Open Project: [project title], Fandom [fandom]' and is retagged to !open

This allows podfic readers to search for projects that are still in need of additional voices.

Additional information will be added to the original post including the following:
  • The Project Leader: The individual that has agreed to manage the project. They are responsible for making sure all parts have been assigned, the the volunteer readers have completed their parts, answer questions relating to the project, etc. etc.
    • Note: Their can be more than one project leader.
  • The Project Editor(s): This is the individual(s) that has agreed to edit the submitted recordings together into one coherent piece.
  • Roles: The various roles for the project should be listed (if they have not been already) with either the readers name after it, or OPEN depending on the role's status.
    • Example:
      • Steve Rogers - Pandor4
      • Bucky Barnes - OPEN
For an example of a post and for a template code, please click [here].

The project will remain listed as open until all of the roles or chapters have been claimed. Once all roles are claimed, the project will be again renamed and retagged to the !Closed section.
Closed Projects

Projects that are deemed closed (all roles have been filled), will be renamed Closed, [Project Title], Fandom: [Fandom] and will be retagged to !closed. These topics will be used primarily as a location for collaborators to share thoughts and post their links to various parts that have been recorded.

We ask that you do not download any linked part unless you are the editor for that specific project. 

 Recording for Projects

We will be using recording settings similar to those used by LibriVox volunteers. We ask that you have your recording software set to the following settings:
  • Channels: 1 (Mono)
  • Bit Rate: 128 kbps
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
Please aim to achieve an overall volume of about 88.5 db. (one-two db above or below is okay.)

Librivox has put together a very thorough guide to achieving these settings and has also put together a very basic program that will check your overall volume once exported to an MP3. You can find the Librivox guide for setting up recording software [here] and their software checker [here].

When Recording:
  • If you are the narrator please include the following at the beginning of your recording:
    • [Title of Work] by [Author of Work] | | pause so each reader can have their role edited in | | "This work is part of the Collaborative Podfic Community. For more information, or to volunteer, please visit
    • If there is no narrator, or there are multiple narrators, please select one reader to record this introduction.
  • At the beginning of your first file for the project include, "[Role], read by [Reader]"
  • Edit out any of your own mistakes
  • Run noise removal/clean your file
  • Edit your file to be close to 88.5 db.
  • Only submit one file per part or chapter

Posting External Projects:

Understandably, there will be projects that individuals may be working on outside of dreamwidth. That being said, however, if you would still like to post open casting calls for your collaborative podfic, we would be more than happy to have you post. We just have 3 request:
  • In the title, add the words 'External:' at the beginning of your title.
  • Tag your post as, '!External'
  • Use the coding provided in the far right column to post your project


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