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Title:Private Bookmark Private Bookmark
Author: storiesfortravellers
Project Lead: lorcalon (aka uniquepov)
Avengers MCU (2012)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Metafandom; quasi-RPF
Word Count: 2638
Summary: The Avengers discover that there are fans who write explicit RPF fic about them. Some of them are very confused. Some are proud. Some don't understand why everyone writes the pairings who aren't together but hardly anyone writes the couple who actually is together. Much silliness ensues.
Performance Description: Multivoice podfic collaboration
Additional Information: I think this would be amazing as a multivoice project. There are seven roles - the six Avengers, plus Coulson. I'll plan to read Steve and the narration, unless someone else has a burning desire to do Steve.

Requesting Roles: Comment below or hit me up on Twitter (@uniquepovblog) to claim a role.

narrator - uniquepov/lorcalon
Steve - jrrmno
Tony - ashesandghost
Clint - dapatty
Bruce - weebs813
Natasha - opalsong
Thor - Anon
Coulson - analise010

Additional Information:
My thought is each character voice will only need to record their dialogue, plus some of the intro/header/closer stuff, and then edit it down to a clean file. I'll tweak all the levels, make additional edits as needed, and splice it all together. This is a practice run for a ginormous multivoice Avengers MCU project that I have my eye on - I want to build up to a multivoice project of that scale, though.
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Title: The CLASSIFIED British Bake Off

Author: Long White Coats
Project Lead: [personal profile] analise010
Fandom: Great British Bake Off (crossover with Leverage, Harry Potter, Sleepy Hollow (TV), Hannibal (TV), Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), and Sherlock (TV)).
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None
Word Count: 5675
Summary: The following is the only episode ever filmed of season six of The Great British Bake Off.
Performance Description: Multivoice collaboration
Additional Information: There are 16 parts to this podfic, so I’m posting a Google Doc, where anyone can choose their character. Please only claim one character for now. Once all of the roles are taken, each person will get a specific script, with your lines highlighted.

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Title: Stubble
Author: Goldenrose704
Project Lead: Sauron Gorthaur
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 443
Summary: Farid has something very, very important to show Dustfinger.

Performance Description: Dramatic Reading
Additional Information:
Hosted by the Audio Fanfiction Library - For More Information [Click Here]

Requesting Roles:
To request a role, please fill out the small form on The Audio Fanfiction Library's website - [Here]
Please note that they will have the most up to date cast listing!

Narrator - Sauron Gorthaur
Farid - OPEN
Dustfinger - Jeff Saunders

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Title: Of Mothers, Marshwiggles, and Burnt Cookies
Author: King Caspian the Seafarer
Project Lead: Sauron Gorthaur
The Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 4,608
Summary: When both the Pevensies and Jill Pole are invited to the Scrubb's place for dinner, curious conversations and somewhat humorous events are the result. Jill and Eustace friendship fic.
Performance Description: Dramatic Reading
Additional Information:
Hosted by the Audio Fanfiction Library - For More Information [Click Here]

Requesting Roles:
To request a role, please fill out the small form on The Audio Fanfiction Library's website - [Here]
Please note that they will have the most up to date cast listing!

Edmund Pevensie - CLOSED- Central Cast
Alberta Scrubb - CLOSED - Minor Cast

Filled Roles... )

Additional Information:
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Title: Them Gods Gonna Hurt You, Son
Author: Skellerbvvt
Project Lead:
Merlin (BBC)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Alternate Universe-BDSM, Bondage, Impact Play, Derogatory Language, societal expectations in terms of gender and sexuality, past non-explicit bodily trauma, past emotional trauma, Gender Confusion, Caning, references to bad/traumatic past sexual experiences, brief references to suicide in fictional situations, teen pregnancy in fictional situations, fantastical non-explicit self-harm (in fairy-tale), a form of prostitution (hired dom), Soul Bond, Injury during sex, Emotional Baggage, Emotionally Abusive Parenting
Word Count: 136,493 words total (see individual roles for word counts)
Summary: Otherwise known as: Arthur and Merlin are hopelessly in love and also just kind of generally hopeless, and they have to keep the magic a secret. And by magic, we mean sex. Arthur doesn't take well to it. (BDSM AU)

Performance Description: Dramatic
Additional Information: I have a total of 17 parts that I really want different performers for. I have them color-coded and word counts for each part listed in my google doc, here * Edit 8-16-14 - There are 2 parts left; please see the gdoc*

Requesting Roles: comment below or email superstitiousme@gmail.com

Narrator (main story) - Superstitiousme - All dated sections, all chapters
Glass - Skellerbvvt - all four chapters, final word count undecided
Roles 3-15 - Open - 13 meta-fic/fake academic reference sections ranging from 62 words to 1850 words, scattered throughout all four chapters, see the google doc for details. *Edit 8-16-14 - 2 sections left*
The Story of Psyche and Eros - Akihimekisano - Chapter 1 folklore/meta-fic, 3 sections, 3348 total words
Loki and Sigyn - Originally - Chapter 2 folklore/meta-fic, 3 sections, 2512 total words
Beauty and the Beast - Skellerbvvt - Chapter 3 folklore/meta-fic, 3 sections, 3843 total words
Pavi of the Chopped Off Hands - Cast - Chapter 4 folklore/meta-fic, 3 sections, 2265 total words

Additional Information:
I need volunteers for the above listed remaining 16 parts (see my google document for more information), preferably recorded and also edited by the performer and each section submitted as a separate file via email to me (I can edit the sections if needed though). I actually do not think you really need to have read the entire fic to successfully perform most of these fake academic articles/meta-fic/folklore sections if you are familiar and comfortable with BDSM-Universe stories, so please do not let the total length of the story scare you away; however do mind the warnings carefully please. If you need clarification/warnings for a specific section before you sign on, please let me know. :-)
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Title: Brothers in Arms
Author: Mangochi and Warrior717
Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 84,544
Summary: It was supposed to be a simple mission, really. There was nothing on their radar that had given them the notion to expect otherwise. For James T. Kirk, however, nothing ever seemed to go as planned.

Performance Description: Dramatic Reading
Who will Edit: Caomoyl
About the Voices Needed: 3+ voices needed, casting is gender specific.
Additional Information: This project is being hosted by Fan Fiction Audio Books.

Roles: To request a role, or become involved, please visit the project forum page here.

James T. Kirk - MictheMatt - Major Role, all chapters
Spock - MictheMatt - Major Role, mostly all chapters
Dr. Leonard McCoy - MictheMatt - Major Role, mostly all chapters
Cetus - TyrannicFeenix - Main antagonist, mid sized role
Winona Kirk - Closed- Med-Small Role, appears in maybe just under half the chapters
Nyota Uhura - Pandor4 - Minor role, appears only in a few chapters for a short period of time
Narrator - LovlyRita - Major Role, All Chapters
Minor Female Characters - Pandor4
Minor Male Characters - MictheMatt 


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