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Title: Every Story Starts Somewhere
Author: Oiaso
Fandom: Arrow
Rating: T/Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: "No Archive Warnings Apply" is mentioned on AO3, but I would um, mention that there is a situation with a gun and someone getting hurt, blood, etc... So that'd be the only warning I'd mention for the fic.
Word Count: It's 49,885 words, according to AO3, which I think doesn't count the long author's notes (which we would be skipping reading - I asked Oiaso and she agreed that we should skip the author's notes). So yes, it'd be a long project to take on. It's 29 chapters total.
Summary: Felicity had gone to the bank alone, but when the waiting took much longer than expected, Oliver decided to go over there to keep her company. They couldn’t imagine he would end up fighting for his life, nor predict how close they’d grow after their visit to the bank. Every story starts somewhere.

I would like to clarify that this is a pro-Olicity shipper fic (het), I was the beta for this entire fic, and so I've read the fic multiple times in the process. I'm attached to the story and would adore the chance to turn it into a podfic, with the help of some of you. It'd be my first ever team podfic with multiple voices. The fic has 561 kudos on AO3 and 695 people have followed it on FanFiction.net, to give you some gist of how loved it is.

The fic varies POVs and so sometimes 3 chapters all take place at the same time, just one chapter is inside one part of the bank, another chapter is outside the bank, etc. Because of this, to establish a shift in location but that it's at the same time as another thing that happened, sometimes a few lines end up being repeated and I think for the sake of the podfic we should use the exact same recording any time this "repeated line" thing comes up.

Performance Description: a Dramatic Reading performance.

My Role in the Project: I would be willing to take any one of the speaking roles. And I am happy to be in charge and lead this project and keep us all on schedule and stuff, even though I've never done this kind of thing before. I think it could be a lot of fun, and worthwhile because Arrow is a popular fandom but there aren't that many podfics out there in the fandom.

Who will Edit: I would be up for the challenge of editing the entire podfic. ;) You can totally leave that to me.

About the Voices Needed: 6 podficcer voices would be ideal. And of course any accent is fine, don't worry, we want you. ;)

Additional Information:

It's a Read more... )


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